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NIE graduate Dr Sandra Wu shares highlights from her learning journey

Dr Sandra Wu

Dr Wu is passionate about contributing to the quality of preschool education.




Dr Sandra Wu graduated from the National Institute of Education (NIE) in 2017 with a Doctor in Education (EdD) in early childhood education, and is now an adjunct faculty member at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). Here are some of the 36-year-old’s takeaways from the programme:

Forging supportive friendships

“The doctoral journey can be very lonely, and I am grateful for the friendships I forged with my classmates and professors. I grew closest to the classmates who did their theses in the same area as I did — Policy and Leadership Studies.”

Developing resilience

“At the start of my research proposal, I was really lost designing my thesis. But I got better at dealing with challenges over time by reaching out to others, and using positive self-talk.”

Leveraging her research background

“I currently supervise three students at SUSS. The research methods I learnt at NIE help me to guide their projects. Having prior research experience also allows me to empathise with their journeys, and show them how theory can be linked to practice.”

Discovering personal values

“The programme has empowered me to advocate for social equity. In Singapore, where preschool education is offered both by private sector and government-funded operators, fees, access and quality can vary widely.

“Children who attend a premium pre-school may have an advantage over others when they enter primary school.”

“I hope to contribute to the quality of early childhood education here because building a strong foundation early is critical to the trajectory of a child’s later life.”

About the programme

Degree Doctor in Education
Duration Up to five years (full-time); up to seven years (part-time)
Core subjects Nine, including Educational Leadership and Change, and Technology-Mediated Learning Environments
Fees $62,400*

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*Subject to change, info correct at time of print